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Murals and installations are two new forms of art which I am fondly exploring, learning how to take over and take up space with powerful artwork. These forms of are two which have the potential to engage with a much wider audience, and both allow the viewer to enter into the space which you have designed, and feel totally captivated by the emotions that are created and conveyed by the artist. Many of my murals live at home on the sides of friends' businesses, homes, and places where I have spent many good times together. I am always looking for new places to put up a mural!


My installations are created in nature. They are ephemeral, aimed to be taken down or burned. I create them with partners, and are of a collaborative nature. These installations include the use of mirrors, lights, incense, and 5-channel soundscapes, which contain sounds that I have mixed together and recorded myself. I aim to bring the viewer into a totally immersive space, using more than just a few senses, and engage deeply with them. The two installations seen below have both been done at Dragon Burn, China's regional Burning Man event. I aim to include more collaborative practice in my art in the future. Please feel free to reach out & email me regarding collaboration!

Please contact me via email regarding any inquiries.

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