Much of subject matter is based in the natural world, and represents a celebration of that vivacity. In my representational work, I like to focus on a certain creature and/or a specific detail of their existence that is interesting and compelling.  My work thus becomes the appreciation of all life’s little complexities.  Much of my intrigue revolves around bugs and insects: creatures I have always found fascinating, but which are largely ignored and/or considered repulsive by most people.  Drawing attention and beauty to many hidden or "repulsive" specimens is my way to display the amazing workings of the Earth, in things both big and small. Another theme that has been a constant constant throughout my work has been lifecycles.  Through my work, I seek to represent the cyclical nature of time and the Earth — showing birth, death, and rebirth.  These define the Earth’s pulse, its natural heartbeat.  While it is easy to show beauty in life, there is also a quiet beauty found in death, whose materials await their atomic rebirth.  By showing this beauty, it allows another form of rebirth of these ‘dead’ materials, being born again into art.

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