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The “Collective Unconscious" is a series of watercolor, ink, & collage works inspired by psychoanalyst Carl Jung's theory of the same name, a phenomenon of universal unconscious archetypes and symbols. In my work, I allow the viewer to access his or her Collective Unconscious and discover these archetypes through seemingly abstract visions, colors, and patterns. My work begins with layers of wet-on-wet pigment, dispersed using decalcomania, from which I create order from chaos. The imagery which viewers see in my work is similar to the way that one may decipher images from Rorschach ink blot tests. While I do sometimes hide certain images inside some of my works, most of the imagery which viewers discover are created unintentionally and without purpose. In fact, their discovery is only created through their own access to the Collective Unconscious. The elements of collage which I add to my work are sourced primarily from old comic books from places I have lived and traveled, including many comic books from the communist era of China, home to me for four years, enabling the feeling of a truly cross-cultural Collective Unconscious. I believe through access to one's inner Collective Unconscious, we can discover great depths of our feelings, dreams, hopes, and desires.

Please contact me via email regarding any inquiries.

Collective Unconscious: Headliner
Collective Unconscious: Gallery
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